Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Our Original "Rumor Queen" Posts About our 10-Year LID-versary!

David Curewitz was a part of our daily life during the adoption "wait". He predicted (the "estimator") how many days would receive their referral each month from China and we hung by his every word; he was doing this before Rumor Queen began. His LID was one day before ours - his 01/26/06; ours was 01/27/06. And we were both referred during the same month together, August 2008. What is amazing, we have not posted about our LID anniversary since 2008, which was still during the wait! We always make a big deal about our referral day and "gottcha" day (Forever Family Day), but not our LID date which was so IMPORTANT! It was the day that China acknowledged that we were in the official line to adopt. Thank you David for reminding us of those days when each day passing seemed like an eternity!
From Facebook:
So, I spent the entire day yesterday wondering why the date seemed so important, but I had no clue what it was and it wasn’t until I came in today that I recalled. So, here it is.
Ten years ago (yesterday) was the day that a pile of our paperwork (and all of our hopes and dreams) was officially “Logged In” by the Chinese Center of Adoption Affairs, the official government agency that handles international adoption in China. Furthermore, it forever cemented our “place in the line” before we would be matched with a child. It was supposed to be a six-month wait, but it turned out to be five times that length. Every month, we would hear how many (or few) days they have processed and for two and a half years, we seemed to be getting simultaneously closer and further from our daughter. That date “1/26/06” was the center of our world. If we were logged in a day sooner or two days later, we would have a different daughter and “our Wren” would have a different set of parents.
A lot has happened since that date, but we wouldn’t be the family we are now, were it not for that critical date ten years (and one day) ago.
So Happy 10-year LID-anniversary to all who shared the journey with me.

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Catherine said...

Happy 10 year celebration! I'll admit until I read this I hadn't realized this was the 10 year anniversary of our LIDs either. Such memorable dates that changed our lives forever in the most wonderful way!

Still so thankful to have met you and it was wonderful to 'meet' your amazing AA on the day of your referral!!