Sunday, January 03, 2016

NFJG Tournament - Amelia River Run - Cold and WET!

Sunday 01/03/2016 From Facebook: Another NFJG Tournament in the books! Dodged the overnight pouring rain (drizzle/sprinkling ended right at her tee time - course was soaked!) but not the cold temperature - 49 degrees (54 afternoon). Four (4) "Foundation Girls" competed - AA came in 2nd! - Yahoo! She had good seven holes (made par on both Par 3's) and two less than stellar holes (both the Par 5's). Overall a good round! No tournaments for her for a few weeks due to eye surgery later this week. See you in competition again, end of January.
First hole - Hole #10 - played the back nine. Several water holes but the ladies tees had good position so the carry over was not long.
Strolling to the last hole - Hole #18:
Finished! Played with Kylie Turner. We like playing with this family; so nice. Her Mom and I shared a golf cart, just in case the rain came back. It was chilly so bundled up with the extra jackets the player were shedding as they warmed up from the exercise.
Scores and awards. Love earning second place!
Tylar, her first time in the NFJG tournament was first place.
From Ford's post on Facebook:
fm - One of those you had to be there moments...
During yesterday's tournament AA is on the tee box. As I walk off the box I ask if she has her target. "Yes, she replies, the tree."
I turn to look down the dogleg left fairway. All I see is trees. Large trees, Small trees. Nothing but trees. I couldn't help but laugh to myself. I've caddied her too long. I knew which tree she had picked out.
"Looks good" I say. Staring at hundreds of trees, continuing to smile.
And yes, she nailed the target...

Janice Gray Martin LOL - sometimes its hard to trust our kids, then be delighted when in fact they hit the target when we could not see it!
Ford Alyson Cobb Morgan fm - So true Janice Gray Martin. So very, very true.
Amanda Dietz No Worries Ford. That one always has a plan, lol.
Kathy Grant Nyman This is good on so many levels! Thanks for sharing and keep up the amazing job you do as her caddie!

From Tour Director Jack's Newsletter about the Foundation Girls:
Playing in her first event with the NFJG TOUR Tylar Ann Whiting would make a name for herself as she played some very consistent golf. Whiting carded the only birdie of the day with a birdie three on the par - 4 15th hole. Keeping the ball between the trees and in the short grass is a tall order on a cold and wet day, but Whiting managed her game well to out stride Fall Tournament Series Winner Alyzabeth Morgan by five strokes. Morgan would have a couple pars of her own, but she encountered the dreaded triple and quadruple bogey, which made a mess of things. Tiffany Lewis with sister and LPGA superstar Amelia Lewis on her bag would once again take home the third place medal.

Now for a break from competition for a few weeks (we withdrew from Copperhead Classic after meeting with the eye surgeon a few days ago, gaining more details about the surgery and recovery). She will be able to practice golf after a few days but decided not to go out of town so soon after the surgery.