Friday, January 15, 2016

Missing Golf Competition and Friends - Two Weeks Recovery Time

Last year, we were in Innisbrook, FL at the U.S. Kids Golf "Copperhead Classic". It was AA's first time and she placed third {here's the story from January 2015}. 
This year, we decided to sign her up, as the Doctor originally said she would be up and "normal" a couple of days after the surgery (01/07/16). Once we understood her eye surgery at her pre-op appointment on 12/30/15 and recovery time, we requested and was granted a withdrawal. 
Now, AA said she would like to go but understood why we chose to wait another week for her eyes to heal. There are only a few restrictions and one is getting in situations where sand can get in her eyes. It would be sad to play in the tournament and if she landed in a bunker/sand trap have to decide to risk the sand issue. So we will wait until the NFJG Tournament on January 31st to resume competition. We will be at the U.S. Kids Regional at Jekyll Island in March. From the email sent out for this year's Copperhead Classic, the winners from the 8-year old age group:

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