Saturday, January 16, 2016

January Mid-Month 2016

A few fun things to report: Our Halloween pumpkins survived remarkably well this year; we believe because we kept them out of the sun and on the cooler concrete floor of our screen porch. I have never known pumpkins to not rot instantly in our Florida heat and humidity! So I kept telling AA, we will smash them soon, before they rot. We saw the first sign of my pumpkin rotting so said it was time. I dropped mine to smash and it was black inside! AA tried hitting her's with a hammer, but it literally bounced around. Finally, broke through the shell and had her smashing party.

Glad she didn't hit her leg the way she was swinging at the pumpkin!
Nothing new to report on AA's eyes; they seem to be healing just fine. We have a few more days to protect them, then back to normal!!
We have begun the design and remodeling of our 1982 kitchen. The "over the oven range" microwave was delivered this week, all other appliances will be here on March 2nd. Then the mess begins! New cabinets, counter tops and lighting. Can't wait! Our old refrigerator will be moved to the garage and hopefully a few old cabinets hung in the garage (will be asking son and son-in-law for help!).
Ford rode his motorcycle on Friday (yesterday - 70 degrees) and again today (64 degrees) when we drove to Justin's home (to deliver the quilt his Nana Joy made). We had rain over the past few days and although the sun came out during the ride to Palatka, it began raining just as he arrived home. No golf practicing for AA today!
These two are goofy all the time:
Last photo is at Justin's with Charles, both looking over the bike. We got a laugh over trying to figure out where the black marks were coming from on the exhaust pipe, until Charles looked at Ford's melted boot sole!! Ford needs to move his foot position or wrap the pipe in fiberglass (per Charles). I also picked a bag full of Justin's grapefruit - his fruit tree has an abundance each year.
We were hoping to have the Grands (Livi and Dylan) over night but they had other plans; this was an unusual "free" weekend as we withdrew AA from a two-day regional golf tournament.
Once we knew that AA would not be playing golf, we planned a special Sunday afternoon with Aunt Carolyn on her day off from work. So we will be seeing the Star Wars movie again tomorrow (1st time for Carolyn) and dinner with Aunt Carolyn!

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