Sunday, January 24, 2016

Football Sunday (and Indoor Fun)

We have had really COLD days recently and AA started having a runny nose yesterday so today was declared a quiet indoor day. We still did strengthening exercises but took it easy with reading and watching a movie before the two final football games began (next will be the Super Bowl). We got a little cabin fever so AA and I bundled up and took a bike ride around the block; then we used a balloon to play indoor badminton! We didn't break anything either! 
Here's to Nana Ann of the North and AA (wearing her Patriot shirt from Aunti M Cobb) practicing her swing!

We both got very good at bouncing the balloon and smashing it at each other - so hard we thought for sure it would break!
A few warmer days are expected, then back to our chilly NE Florida winters!

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