Saturday, January 09, 2016

Eye Surgery - January 7, 2016

After many doctor's appointments, it was determined that AA needed the surgery in both eyes in order to prevent double vision as an adult. The Surgeon (Hunter) made an incision in both eyes, re-aligning two muscles in each eye. Recovery is only a day as to the surgery, but a few weeks for the eyes to heal and the bloody bruising to diminish. She was in pain the first afternoon and night, but did well the day after. Still tearing up a little, she should be ready for normal duties soon. She returns to school on Monday, with a few restrictions, like not playing with anything that could get sand in her eyes. The other restriction is no being under water for two weeks, but a light shower is fine (such as in the bath tub). At the follow up appointment, the Doctor said everything was fine, excellent shape. Now to finish healing! Follow up appointment in six weeks. At pre-surgery:

Photo from the next day - Friday: The outer corner of her eyes are still bright red (even though it is "old" blood, the eyes are so oxygenated, it stays bright red while healing, eventually is supposed to turn brown/yellowish then finish healing).
While at the Wolfson's Hospital, we went to the Baptist cafeteria for a quick brunch/lunch. Ron Beverly recognized me and we spoke for a few minutes, then as we sat down to eat, Jim Jackson saw us (Jim was one of Ford's first "boss/manager" back at Seminole Power Plant/SECI and at SJRPP)! So cool to meet up with former co-workers/friends. Hope we keep in touch better now!
After surgery, I was surprised at how hard recovery is at the hospital and then discharging her when she was barely awake. She vomited as we arrived home (hospital's Gatorade and Blue icy!). So very sluggish all afternoon and evening. With the Tylenol, she seemed to sleep as well as expected. She would not open her eyes until the next day; kept the warm wet face cloth over her eyes the whole time. She was brave and woke up the day after feeling a little better. The bloody tears slowed down and she kept her sunglasses on. We did play a game of Monopoly and took a short walk (a bit chilly and damp - lots of rain the past few days). Now it is Saturday and she is still not quite "normal". The Doctor said to let her do whatever she felt like doing, so we shall see. 
She went to school on Wednesday (first day back from Christmas break) so has some homework to do this weekend.
Carolyn is coming for a visit (today/Saturday) and we have had so many messages, well wishes, prayers - from friends and family - we have felt much love over this trial! Nana Ann sent her a new plush toy horse to add to her menagerie on her bed! She loves him (renaming him "Arrow").
And while this has been going on, we visited a local animal rescue shelter and learned about where to search on-line as new dogs are added. AA found a rescue dog this past Tuesday she would love, named Ruby, in Texas; alas, we were one of many applications for her, so it was sad to learn we would not be adopting her. We will keep looking local and afar...... a female, small non-shedding dog is in our future!
Now to have a joyful 2016! Moving forward!


Kathy said...

Hoping recovery continues to go well. AA stay strong and you will do great. Hopefully you find the puppy just for you soon. Glad you have a great mom and dad there to help you along.

Cora Huffman said...

Oh sweet girl! Hoping for a speedy recovery!

Catherine said...

What a trooper! Glad to hear she did so well!