Monday, December 14, 2015

Sunday St. Johns River Ride!

Since our boat is stored at Justin's home, he has been using it for his favorite pastime - fishing on the river. We saw that the weather was going to be GORGEOUS this weekend so decided to join him on the river. He "captained" the boat and took us on a scenic ride south of Palatka. Beautiful weather - needed the sunscreen and hats! We forgot to put on AA's prescription Ray-Ban's and JK forgot his sunglasses (AA's regular glasses are transition/tinted)! Otherwise, a pleasant ride!
A bass-fish sculpture at the public boat ramp/docks:

Loading up the boat - we brought jackets as didn't know if it would be cool on the river - nope!
Enjoying the ride!
With Alyzabeth:
She quickly got her "sea-legs" back!
An unusual "live-aboard"! Looks like a tug boat/barge with full size buses and crane on it! I didn't notice the two people enjoying the view on the boat until we were past it.
Trying to get some sun! We did let AA take off her life preserver when we were going really slow/putt-putting. She enjoyed cooling off - her back was soaked from perspiration!
Happy smiles!
Our meager Fall foliage!
Chatting during the slow cruise:
Wildlife - turtles sunning themselves:
Selfie from Facebook:
It's a Sunday and a work crew was on the river constructing new transmission line for FPL:
Great afternoon with Justin and the beautiful St. Johns River!

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