Friday, December 04, 2015

North Hampton Practice Round - Preparing for Sunday's NFJG Tournament.

Thursday, December 3rd - So glad we went to No. Hampton (Fernandina) to prepare for the NFJG Tournament this Sunday (12/06/15). The course was described to us over and over about the difficulty. The holes do have more hazards on the sides of the fairways, very little margins of "rough"grass. Thankfully the carry over hazards are doable for AA. We can see why it is so tough, narrow fairways, plenty of bunkers and sand traps and sloping greens with drop-offs; very hilly course. AA's practice round went very well and we took good notes. Now to see how it plays on Sunday! Stay in the fairways!
Do you see the drop-off around this green? Definitely a target course.

Practice just like in a tournament:
Last hole - back nine - #18"
Hoping for a great round!

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