Sunday, December 20, 2015


NFL Football game; Jaguars last home game of the season: Atlanta vs Jacksonville.
Took our smart daughter's photo with her Daddy before the game:

From Facebook: If you are going to the Jaguar game and have empty seats around you, let us know! We are up in the highest seats possible on the visitor's side! Looks like a nice day AND using the free tickets from Alyzabeth's reading award! Representing Orange Park Elementary!
Right before half-time; asked AA if she wanted to leave the game; we can go if she is tired. She said "You will have to carry me out of here; I'm not leaving!". Later, I asked if she would like to see another Football game, and she said Yes! My sports girl! It's 4th Quarter - All tied up. No one is leaving this game!
The Jaguars lost and so went any reasonable hopes for the playoff!

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