Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Here is December!

Nana Joy stayed with us through Tuesday, December 1st. AA had a Monday horse riding lesson, this time they trotted to the arena to have AA work with her horse more closely. As I heard afterwards (as she rode up on her instructors horse), her horse, Sam, decided he was much more interested in a group of horses being moved around the ranch and wouldn't pay attention to AA! Leaving - going to the arena:

Almost back to the barn, I spied AA and K'Leigh "high-5'ing":
In the evening, we played "Headbanz" game with Joy, fun guessing game. Photo at the River House with Nana Joy:
Back to the park, doing arm strengthening fun - I am showing AA how to climb up the wall; my heavy rear-end had trouble making it over the wall!
AA on the monkey bars:
AA trying to climb the wall; she did pretty good for the first try:
And she had two falls this week: one on her scooter, going fast in a turn, she had "road-rash" and a second, she tripped over a wire holding down a Christmas light decoration in Orange Park Town park; ran into it as it was dusk and she fell while being chased by boys playing "tag"; the wire made a bruise just above her knee. Here's the Town Park Christmas lights celebration and the reading of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" by the Mayor:
The leg doesn't look bad in the picture, but it was a muscle bruise along with the healing "road rash":
All is well considering!

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