Friday, December 18, 2015

Happy Birthday to Dylan! St. Augustine Red Train Ride to Celebrate!

Daughter Leaa set up a fun evening to celebrate Dylan's 6th birthday (it was delayed a week due to her Kindergarten Christmas program on the 10th). When we arrived a bit early, we wandered around:

Inside the Ripley's lobby is a huge Jack Sparrow made from recycled car parts!
While we were trying to round up Nicole and family, I took this group shot when they first found out that the 3D glasses turned lights into snowmen!
Without the 3D glasses:
Still looking for the snowmen:
Once on the train, Leaa passed out her "crack" candy treats - Yummy! Lots of singing ensued and a lovely visual of the St. Augustine lights by train was a treat!
From Facebook (Marsha Cruce shared her video - great fun!):
We had TONS of fun celebrating Dylan's 6th birthday on the St. Augustine Red Train Night of Lights Tour (30 minutes of driving around downtown - in this video we are passing by the North side of the downtown park with all the lighted trees). Ford's head begins the video, panning to behind us with Nicole and Jordan holding Avery, then find Alivia with her reindeer antlers (Jesse and Leaa in front of her), beside her is AA and birthday girl Dylan, then Mila and Kilee. The 3D glasses were a nice touch - changed all lights to snowmen! Cathy, Werner and Marsha are here too! Crank up the sound and sing-a-long! Thanks to Momma Leaa for the invites; Thanks to Marsha Cruce for the video! Crazy tourists that we are! {note: sit in second/back seats - the exhaust fumes from the "train" in the front seats about took me out!}

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