Saturday, December 19, 2015

Grand Kilee's Nutcracker Ballet Performance

Kilee's dance team had a recital last night (Friday, 18th) in Palatka Beasley School Auditorium. She was the lead in the Nutcracker as Clara and did many solo dances. She is talented! Also learned that she is an assistant for helping with the younger children just learning tumbling and some dance moves (a friend, Jay Hardy posted a video of their daughter Natalee who was also a ballerina in the show).
We posted about her on Thanksgiving Day when she gave us a preview of her performance - and in costume.
These photo are from after the show; she had changed for her dance numbers (Hip-Hop, Gymnastics and Jazz dancing). Justin, Kilee and Kelly:

The family photo with AA, Ford, Cathy and Werner (Leaa and girls were there but had left a few minutes before).

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