Friday, December 25, 2015

Getting Close to Christmas (and Christmas Morning)!

AA had a golf lesson on the 23rd and learned a new way to practice chipping form a bunker (sand trap): using full size marshmallows! Worked great!

She is to draw a "dollar bill" around the marshmallow so to know where to hit the sand.
December 23rd:  I visited with Carolyn at her new home - she bought it on the 23rd then removed old carpeting before moving day this Saturday. It has a really neat HUGE pool in the back yard, a two-car garage, plus a large car port. It needs considerable work (new kitchen, new floors, reconfigure the laundry room into a bathroom or add a new master bathroom)...... All in good time!
Fayah seemed to like the new yard!
December 24th: AA and I made sugar cookies (I made the dough while she was golfing); cutting them out, baking and decorating all got done late afternoon.
I made vanilla extract again this year, plus my homemade hot fudge sauce and AA made handmade corner page book markers to give out.
Stocking hung by the fireplace!
 Book-marker making:
Christmas Eve, Carolyn arrived and we had a quick Mexican dinner (tacos) from Tijuana Flats; walked to the 7:00 p.m. OPUMC church service for Carols and Candlelight. 
In the morning, about 5:15 a.m., Carolyn and AA were wide awake and ready to start Christmas Day!
Opening our stockings and presents, having breakfast casserole and enjoying a few hours with Carolyn before she left to continue her preparations for moving on the 26th.
Lots of gifts: Santa gave her the WiiU and a skateboard; Nana sent her a fire pit popcorn popper and much more. We opened lots of great gifts!
Tons of gifts!
 Setting up her new WiiU to play:
Christmas afternoon was spent with our kids families; such a beautiful day, just have to enjoy the outdoors! Merry Christmas!

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