Saturday, December 05, 2015

Friday - Saturday Christmas Tree Shopping - Grands Livi and Dylan!

Friday was a busy day - Alyzabeth had a golf lesson with Coach Anne at the WGV; then we picked up Alivia and Dylan for a sleepover, they all went to the OPUMC Parent's Night Out (PNO) Christmas Party (we saw play-dough, shaving cream, games in the gym and Santa...!!). We walked them up and back so enjoyed some nighttime strolling. Unfortunately, as AA and Livi were running around, Livi stepped off the sidewalk and went down on one knee - a bad "road-rash" (scrapped knee). She mustered through it, then we doctored for a while before they all went to bed.
Morning came and between playing "Pet Shop", breakfast and cleaning up (Dylan had a shower and Poppy is drying her hair); we then headed out to buy our Christmas tree.

The Pet Shop employees, evaluating a bluebird's injury:
Happy Pet Shop owners:
Looking over all the Christmas trees:
A few hugs when the photographer says it is picture time!
The tree purchased:
One last smile photo then back into the truck! It is 64 degrees out but cloudy, overcast, light rain and WIND!
We headed to Sonny's for lunch and met up with Leaa and Jesse for the hand-off. The girls had a Christmas party to get ready for, then off to spend the night with the Cruce's as Jesse is playing a reunion gig tonight with Aerial Tribe (Jared is in town)!

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