Wednesday, December 30, 2015

First 18 Hole Tournament - Two-Day NFJG Holiday Team Shamble/Scramble!

Since we decided to play the Fall NFJG schedule, we entered into the Team Championship not really knowing what we were getting into. Yes, 18 holes, two days in a row, where AA had never played 18 holes before - ever. The weather was really warm for end of December - low 80's with sunshine! The second day threatened rain, high 70's and some sunshine - a little cooler for everyone.

The format was "Shamble" which was best ball on the first stroke/drive; then you played your own ball into the cup; then took the low score of the two girls and that was the team score. The second day had a "Scramble" for the back nine holes (best ball all balls/until into the cup - so only one score per two girls) and the shamble on the front nine holes.
Since Ford and AA had never seen the Deerwood course, they had a practice tee time on Sunday and played the 18 holes with a golf cart (she scored a 99 - not bad!). I went to Carolyn's apartment and did some packing for a few hours.
The first Tournament day was good in that AA made some great shots; using about 12 of her scores of the 18 holes (only used three of her drives, all the rest were Kylie's). Kylie has some incredible long drives for a 12 year old! AA and Kylie both had a few "oops" holes that made for a few high scores, but overall, a success!
Day/Round 1: Played with Kaitlyn S. and Sarah R.
Practicing chipping on day/round 2: Played with Hannah S. and Victoria G.
Day 2 - I broke our camera lens (again) so did not have any photos - saved these from the NFJG Facebook site:
 Shotgun start on Hole 10 (Day 2):
 Girls Team - Sarah and Kaitlyn:
Ages 9 - 18 Girls: Eight girls/four teams (there was a Junior Golf Championship going on at the WGV/Slammer and Squire course that took 5 of the regular girls away).
Final score was tied for last place with a Foundation boy team. It was two very long days (we all walked the 15,000+ plus steps each day). AA was pleased that she handled it well, finishing her first 36 hole tournament! She did have a bad putt that she was frustrated over, one of the girls wouldn't putt out of turn as her ball was in the way of AA's; the balls were very close and AA couldn't position herself to make a good shot but played it anyway. Afterwards, she told her story and worked out a solution and conversation for her to say next time (needing to ask the girl to move her marker so AA's foot could be placed properly or at least letting her Caddie know that she didn't have good footing). We live and learn each round of golf.
Round: 2
Date: Dec 29, 2015
Course: Deerwood Country Club
Time: 9:15 AM

Alyzabeth Morgan 92

Victoria Greene 87

Hannah Stevens 86

Kylie Turner 97
Complete information is available at Tournament Information Page (TIP)

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