Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Afternoon - Family Oyster Roast - Beach Weather!

Our daughter and SIL hosted the Christmas afternoon family gathering and cooked oysters. Everyone brought a crock-pot addition and there was plenty of food! There was boiled shrimp, shrimp and grits, chicken soup, potato soup, lava chocolate dessert and our cowboy ranch beans with cornbread. The girls played between the bedrooms and the tree house.
Dylan pausing at the tree house mirror so Poppy Ford could take a picture:

Dylan and Mila in the tree house:
Oysters are ready; cooked by chef Justin:
Cara Cruce Smith:
Jordan and Justin watching the oysters steam:
Kilee, Alivia and AA relaxing:
Kilee with her new Christmas gift - a phone:
Dylan and Mila waiting to open presents:
Leaa's Christmas tree (before the gift opening chaos!):
Dylan's gift from Nana Ann of the North:
Opening gifts from G'ma Cathy and Werner (girls got cowboy boots; AA got body pads to wear while skate boarding):
Beach walk!
Taking off shoes; ready for the sand between our toes - a balmy 82 degrees!
Werner with Grand-Kilee:
Travis and Cara enjoying the warm weather (they currently live in Connecticut):
Cathy using her new selfie stick - taking lots of group photos:
Looking at the photos:
The younger set: Dylan, Mila, Kilee holding Avery, Alivia and Alyzabeth:
Livi does cartwheels and gymnastic-type moves on the beach (we tried to copy her, including my lame cartwheel attempt!).
A great day to be thankful for!

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