Saturday, December 12, 2015

Bike Riding Success! And Beautiful Beach Day!

First time for AA on her "big" bike (20 inch). We bought it for her three years ago; she is now just tall enough to ride. Daddy-Ford took the first honors running beside her:

I took the second run:
All smiles; she's happy!
Dylan on her "too small" bike! Time for a new one!
Alivia helping AA get started; it took a little longer for AA to push off by herself.
Leaa gave her a few pushes too:
Livi riding by me:
Dylan posed by her Mom's bike - the sun was so bright; washed out this photo!
Fun riding on the beach, perfect weather, light wind, sunny and soon to be 80 degrees in St. Augustine/Crescent Beach:
All three girls:
Livi is a skilled rider, doing a few tricks:
Dylan was happy to make a "numbers tour" (all the way to number 50) for us to see; she was the tour guide:
AA beside her bike:
Family sand roll!
Mom-Alyson getting to take a beach ride too (on Leaa's bike) after taking off AA's leggings - too hot!:
Alivia doing her gymnastics:
A bit crazy with the photo editing; a day to remember when AA learned to ride a bike:
SIL Jesse:
Poppy-Dad-Ford went for a ride with the girls:
The race back:
Dipping their toes into the ocean:
Alivia all smiles after doing some back flips, walk-overs and gymnastic moves (with AA):
Dylan chasing or racing the seagulls!
Saying good-bye after a fun hour or so......
Beautiful day!

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