Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Advent Calendar - More than a Count Down to Christmas

Alyzabeth's Advent calendar.
From Facebook: AA loves her Advent calendar. Bible verses, Christmas tree ornaments, candy, singing carols and good-deeds to do. Tonight we wrote an impromptu CHRISTMAS Poem (each line begins with a letter from CHRISTMAS). You can probably guess which one is AA's!
Comments from us: 
One year we used 25 white envelopes and clothes-pinned to a string, like a banner. So many ways to set one up and so many ideas on Pinterest! I use a WORD document to customize each year with known social events, family gatherings and things to do, good deeds, etc; along with the Bible verses, ornaments to hang, a few days do get a candy treat but not many.
Mom, we use the L.L. Bean felt pocket advent calendar you gave to AA (or could be called a count down to Christmas, we do try to put the reason for the season as the main theme, kids need to learn in order to form their own beliefs and faith journey......).
Christ the newborn King,
He reigns supreme,
Rejoice in His name,
I love the Lord Jesus,
Savior to us all,
To Him we bow,
May we praise His name.
All mankind proclaim,
Saving grace is ours this day.

Christ died for us.
Heat comes from the fireplace,
Reading books are fun.
I am thankful for my family.
Singing Christmas carols are fun,
The tree shines brightly.
My favorite holiday is Christmas
And because it’s time for giving and Christ’s birthday,
Snow is fun to play with.

Christ was born to us.
Heart and soul given as free.
Reach to the stars to Thee,
I love the bright lights,
Silence and glee,
Time to say thanks.
Many to greet,
Angels remind us.
Savior is born.

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