Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day and the Sleepover

We tried to make last minute plans to have the Grands, but didn't work (Dylan had a scheduled Dentist appointment early on Wednesday), so Leaa invited AA to sleep over their home Tuesday night and go to the Veteran's Day Parade in St. Augustine. 
We brought dinner and sides for our shared dinner at their home, then we left and stopped by Cellar 6 for a drink and appetizers. A rare night out for us; we were just at Cellar 6 with Rhett and Sherry the Friday before for a quick drink before dinner with the family at the Gas.
Wednesday morning: Received this text message photo from Leaa - all in place to watch the parade!

Photos from our Tuesday: In the morning, AA is so good about breakfast and reading:
I begged my Maine family to send me some really good pumpkin pie filling, so received a box from my Mom (unfortunately, the packers did not wrap each can so some arrived dented - now in our refrigerator to be used very soon!):
Walking to Cellar 6 where we enjoyed a glass of Cabernet, saw this marker with the same name as one of my ancestors, will have to do some research.
St. Augustine was busy putting up the Christmas white lights that they are so famous for! Makes for a festive Christmas season.
Getting in the holiday mood!

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