Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving visit at Cathy and Werner's home. They hosted dinner with all the "fixins" and the kids all played together. The weather was just warm enough for a lovely day outside too. We took several group photos and since I forgot to bring the "good" camera, these are all taken with a variety of cell phones. The Hollaway Family (Christa, Nicole, Justin, Leaa and parents Cathy and Werner):

The entire GANG! Including Nana Joy Morgan, visiting from Okeechobee! Front Row: Alyzabeth, Alivia, Dylan and Jordan; Row 2: Nicole holding Avery. Row 3: Kilee standing/crouching on lawn chair. Remaining Rows: Ford and Alyson; Nana Joy next to Grandson Justin, behind them are Charles and Angie; Christa holding her niece Mila, Jesse behind wife Leaa, then Cathy and Werner.
I managed to catch the girls in the "play room": Kilee holding Avery; Dylan, Alivia holding Mila, AA.
We had the Hollaway talent Show: First up was Dylan singing Do-Re-Me. Next was Kilee's recital as Clara from the Nutcracker Ballet. She was in her costume and ballet shoes, along with her nutcracker (Livi assisted for the "breaking of the nutcracker"). Kilee did a fabulous job!
Last, Alyzabeth and Alivia sang the 12 Days of Christmas. They alternated singing each verse, then did the final 12 days verse together. Livi has a sweet voice and Alyzabeth was a champion doing her first talent show performance in front of family! (yes, even had a sound system and microphone!)
 Kilee as Clara:
Same photo above, one cropped more than the other. There were isolated rain showers, but the sun was out most of the day. The six girls all had fun and we ate too much - it was delicious! Thank you to all who brought a tasty dish!

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Catherine said...

What a wonderful day!! Happy Thanksgiving!