Monday, November 16, 2015

NFJG - Amelia National - Round 1 11/14/15

This was the first time playing the Amelia National Course and boy did it give AA some challenges; it is known as being a very tough course. Coupled with the wild, gusty winds all day, everyone had some trouble. Since AA had never played this course, there was much guessing and unknowns due to the high, rolling "dunes" through out the fairways. AA did par one hole and did stay to her goal of less than 20 putts (she made only 18), which was great! The 2622 yards was the issue; AA's drives are not what the larger kids have. Slight disadvantage but she has a good short game. She played with Jack and Ethan (lessons at Magnolia Point), both boys we have known from other tournaments. Both Caddie-Dads were pleasant and complimentary of AA keeping up with them. Very nice families.
Coach Anne Cain (WGV PGA Academy) stopped by to watch three of her students and she took a photo of the three of us:

Warming up!
This is the 9th hole with long bunkers on both sides and one in the middle splitting the fairway.
Ninth hole:
Scoring table:
The Club House - interesting square brick entry - could hold a huge block party:
Next is day 2!

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