Sunday, November 01, 2015

Halloween - Part 2 Trick or Treat!

Halloween went well this year. AA received many Halloween cards from our Maine family (Aunt Patti, Aunt M, Nana and Aunti-Jean). We tried to get together with Leaa and Justin's families on the 30th but found out the big corn maze was closed! We looked up the time and drove over to it (Sykes and Cooper) but never saw the end date of the farm closing. Crazy that it was closed on the biggest weekend! So we missed our opportunity to visit with the Grands.
For Halloween evening, and due to our neighborhood being one with no other children, we found out that no one was handing out candy (our home owners association planned an adult party "social" at the pool cabana so everyone would be over there). So we decided to hop to another neighborhood (we have been to Moosehaven's open house for Halloween, but not the traditional trick or treating, but still fun for families).

We decided not to carve a jack-o-lantern this year as the pumpkins rot so soon. We used sharpie pens and drew a couple of faces on each pumpkin.
Halloween morning, AA and I went to Eagle Harbor and played nine holes together. Hubby/Dad was in Missouri for his cousin's funeral (Sid). AA coached me as much as we had time for with my drive off the tee box. I was getting pretty good with my 7 wood, so used it each time. Then we went to our separate balls and I had no coach! I had a couple of good holes so there may be hope for me!
Pre-"Trick or Treating" - She's the same storybook character as she was at school the day before.
We decided to ask one of AA's school friends about trick or treating with them. It worked out great, with a couple of other families hosting a small party for the kids. Their neighborhood had about half the houses seriously decorated for the scary theme. Many families were sitting in their driveways, had fire-pits or had their garage door open with big screen TV's, enjoying a football game (the Florida-Georgia game was near the end). 
Here's a couple of the neighborhood decorations; it was dark about half way through, so I didn't take many photos or the incredible decorations. Many had scary faces in the windows (back lit with a lamp). All pretty cool!
The group was two 7th graders (on right), Alayna (4th), AA, Bess (4th) and her brother Jake; and older sister as the angel (Juli). These girls know each other from OPE school and dance class. AA had fun and got tons of candy! We started around 6:30 p.m. and afterwards, the Deaton Family had pizza and cupcakes and showed a short Toy Story movie. Fun night for her! (except later at night, she woke up crying from a nightmare, so joined me in bed to get back to sleep; she hasn't had a nightmare in a long time! She said it was about Trick or Treating, that no one could hear her).
Here's what we missed with the Grands. Kilee at her Grandma's:
Dylan and Livi:
Mila and Avery:

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