Thursday, November 19, 2015

Everything Except Golf and Horses!

We had a busy week with Ford's Birthday, Alyzabeth sleeping over at her sister's Leaa's house over Veteran's Day. We used Ford's birthday gift - a waffle iron and they were pretty good. I used the Bisquick recipe as that is what I had on hand. We will be looking for a fluffier recipe with buttermilk (I did perfect a revised recipe by adding baking powder and buttermilk to the Bisquick recipe).

I began using my One Pie pumpkin pie puree by making two batches of pumpkin bread. My Mom sent me six cans since I FORGOT to buy some while in Maine this past August; she saved the day! Love pumpkin bread, so yummy with pecans and lots of spices; we eat it toasted for breakfast! The One Pie brand tastes better than most canned pumpkin, and looks better too, it's a bright orange. Since the fist shipment arrived dented, the local UPS store sent me six more!
Saturday (the 21st) shopping at the RAM market:
We ate lunch at Moon River Pizza after going to the RAM, this was the first time we ordered her a salad; usually we share our two with her, but she can eat a "half-size" one now.
AA and I want to strengthen our arms (and body) so have a monkey bar challenge going on. Her problem is that she isn't tall enough to jump up to the bars by herself (at two different parks, she is too short; there is one in St. Augustine she can do by herself), so has to have one of us there anyways to get her started. Onto stronger arms! In six months we shall see if we met our goal!
Made lots of pumpkin bread loaves!
Ford bought a popcorn machine from Craig's list and we finally set it up and are enjoying the smell of fresh popcorn in the afternoons!
I made a new recipe called Shrimp Creamy Piccata, very good, although I love the original Piccata recipes!
Friday (the 20th), AA had her golf lesson, then we took "Cowboy Ranch Beans" to Leaa and Jesse's for dinner, plus I tried "Pumpkin Pie Dip" on them (with graham crackers and ginger snap cookies for dipping). All good (just no photos!).

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