Sunday, October 25, 2015

OPE Fall Festival & Saturday Amazing Grace Crop Maze

FRIDAY 10/23/15: Each year, the OPE Fall Festival is a huge money - fund raiser. Each class creates a large basket with a theme as part of a silent auction, a cake walk, vendor tables, also, each ride or fun activity costs 2 - 4 tickets (purchased in advance 5 for $1.00). Plus there is soda, water, pizza and hot-dogs for sale.
AA and her friend Faith began with the doughnut eating contest, which turns out is a sugary glazed mess!

The dual "bouncy" slide was a hit (as long as you had socks on and didn't come down too fast!).!
OPE Festival feedback - Just a note about these large dual "bouncy" slides: Many children came down the slide very fast, it is tall/high, and ended up in tears as they got "rug burns". Long pants and long sleeves and SOCKS are a must. Their feet bend under them, their arms and legs get against the side wall, and it hurts. No one abused it or did anything wrong, I observed this first hand as a booth volunteer taking tickets.
SATURDAY (10/24/15): The next day, on Saturday, after AA went to golf practice, we went to the Amazing Grace Crop Maze GCS/Lake Asbury) for a short time. We had asked to meet up with the Johnson family but after getting to the maze, told them it was really for smaller children, not much to do for the bigger kids (the maze was okay, a pumpkin patch, a few toddler rides and food to buy). We will try the larger farm, Cooper and Sikes in Elkton next week!
Going into the maze:
A handout with "healthy" questions guided you through the maze:
Station 10 was the end!

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