Sunday, October 18, 2015

NFJG - WGV King and Bear - Two Days

NFJG - The two day tournament at the King and Bear was a challenge for AA. Her first day, was not her best with her chipping costing her more than a few strokes. She was hitting the ground on each chip. Lots of things contributed and somehow she didn't know how to make a change to improve. She was tired, no lunch (a few snacks), new longer clubs and trying to do chipping differently per a new lesson advice. Ford knew something was wrong but couldn't figure out what to do either. She did very well on her drives and her putting was good. So the second day after good nights sleep, good food and doing her chipping drills, all went better. Her second day score doesn't seem that much better but most all kids were higher due to faster (drier) greens and gusty winds over 30 mph.
Practice on day 1:

Round 1 scoring (she was behind by 2 strokes to a 12 year old):
Round 2, she felt better and won the championship:
The trophy - WEB.COM Junior Tour:
At home:
I was at the Jaguar football game (against the Texans, and Jaguars lost), so I did not see round 2. Another one in the books, onto the next (Amelia - Oak Marsh).

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