Sunday, October 11, 2015

NFJG Golf Tournament - Hyde Park - Foundation Girls

AA is playing in the Fall NFJG ( Tournament series, rather than the U.S. Kids Fall Tour. She has played in the U.S. Kids local series for three years, many times in both the Jacksonville and Orlando tours. Since the local tour has the girls grouped with two years together, she would be playing the same (short/youth) yardages again as a nine year old (AA is currently playing in the 8 - 9 year old Girls). She played as an eight (8) year old, so playing in the same group would be like playing -  deja vu. The NFJG affords much longer distances, almost double, so many more club swings, different situations, different golf courses and an older age group. The NFJG Foundation Girls goes up to age 12 otherwise they move up to the regular girls tour and sooner depending on their skill level. AA enjoys playing with the older girls and the tournaments are extremely run well. We will rejoin the U.S. Kids Golf series with the regional Copperhead Classic in January. This is a nice change and hopefully will settle into improving her game with her new longer clubs.
Tee Box Hole #1 - Three girls - AA, Kaitlyn and Angelica:

Walking the fairways.....
The Club House:

Last hole!!
Second place:
Good round for all!

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