Monday, October 26, 2015

NFJG - Amelia Island Oak Marsh

Sunday, 10/25/15 at Oak Marsh: We have played this course before, but with the U.S. Kids Golf Tour, which is lots shorter yardage (1600 compared to 2300 yards). Played with five girls in the Foundation Girls category. AA did fairly well, there is always a few shots that were missed and two putts that were off that she would normally make, but overall a good game. Unfortunately, at the end of the last hole, we did not count the strokes correctly which put three girls in a three-way tie, when it should have been a two-way tie. When none of us are experts at the rules and penalties, we tend to go with the lower number if there is a difference and in this case, a penalty stroke was not added on one of the girls (she lost her ball from the tee box, should have been two stokes, not the one added). But, that happens sometimes. And you don't know the outcome that one stroke makes; this was very competitive with AA playing a 6th and 5th grader who are excellent golfers (one is on the private school golf team going to the States the next day).

 Warming up!

 The last hole (#9):

From Jack Aschenbach: Foundation Girls:
Tie, Tie, Tie - The Foundation Girls would be nothing but ties as the first three spots tied with a score of 51. Kaitlyn Schroeder, Kylie Turner and Alyzabeth Morgan would go back and forth on the day making the match an exciting event to watch. Coming down to the final hole of play found Schroeder and Morgan tied for the lead with Turner one back. Can it get any more exciting? The scary long par five wouldn't make any of the challengers wobble off line keeping it a nail biter until the end. Both Schroeder and Morgan would tie with seven on the hole and Turner would needed to do one better to force a play-off would do just that, as she carded an under pressure bogey six making it a three way tie for the championship. With the course unavailable for sudden death play, a scorecard play-off was conducted with Kaitlyn Schroeder declared the Champion while Kyle Turner finished in the Runner-up spot with Alyzabeth Morgan taking the bronze. Great job girls, you are all champions in my mind!

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