Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Melissa's Visit - Miscellaneous Photos

These are a bit out of order, just catching up with my blogging; Melissa left on Thursday, 10/22/15.
We grew okra from seeds and have harvested two pods of okra per plant. It was an easy plant to grow.

We bought new tomato plants from Maggie's; Ford transplanting them:
On Monday, the 19th, we went to the miniture golf venue near the St. Augustine Outlet Stores (Hwy. 16). We played two games and it was pretty good fun (with a coupon for 2 for 1 games at $7.50, we didn't feel too ripped off!). Then we had to be home in time for my WPOA Board meeting. Miniature golfing:
On a walk around the Club, showed Melissa the fish and turtle pond outside the restaurant:
After our dinner at the Club (Tuesday), Ford had the fire pit going so we could toast marshmallows:
We went to lunch on Monday with Melissa; to our favorite BBQ place - Mojo's:
Melissa taking a photo:
She spent alot of her time poolside:

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