Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Melissa's Last Evening - Dinner at Leaa and Jesse's Home

On Melissa's last night, we spend an early evening at Leaa and Jesse's home with Justin.
The girls played outside along with a few children who were there for their music lessons.

The new music studio:
I tried making a craft for Leaa - a spooky spider wreath; I was going to have the girls make it during our visit, but since 100% of the assembly was using a hot glue gun, I made it myself (and burnt myself!) - it didn't turn out quite like the perfect Pinterest photos!!
Dylan posed for me:
Melissa with JK and Leaa (Jesse was giving lessons):
Ford made his pizza casserole so dinner was easy! Last night for Melissa as she heads back to a much cooler Maine in the morning!

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