Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Melissa is Here! Visiting from Maine!

My sister Melissa (younger) arrived from Maine on the 13th; she turns 50 YEARS OLD while here! No party, just a nice visit and vacation for her. Exploring the neighborhood:

Setting up our house WiFi for Melissa:
Meeting with Cathy and Werner on the 14th - a work night so only us "retirees" can come out to play!
Grandma Cathy and AA checking out pictures of their recent trip out West.
Ford rode his Harley over to the River House to show Cathy and Werner; first time he has had it our in awhile. Weather is great now for riding! 
Group photos - Melissa is looking great!
Melissa will visit with cousin Carolyn over the weekend while we are busy with a two-day NFJG Tournament.

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