Monday, October 19, 2015

Jaguar Football Game! 10/18/15

While my little girl was playing round 2 of the NFJG King and Bear Tournament (and won), we were at the home Jaguar game against the Texans. I thought it would be good fun to take Melissa and Carolyn to the game; I had not been to one in about 9 years! We tailgated a little, with snacks, veggies and beverages. I had forgotten which gate was which, so we ended up walking more steps than needed going to the game and leaving the game. Lots of people watching! Melissa with her NE Patriot shirt on:

Taking selfies, the beginning of the game. No flyover of screaming jets - but a nice formation of HUGE helicopters.
And after standing for the team to take the field, the National Anthem and lots of clapping, I noticed my center diamond ring was lost! So the entire game we were deciding if it could have been lost in the parking lot all the way to our seats. Since this happened to me before (yep, a ring that was brand new, made by Cross Jewelers, lost a tourmaline from it during a football game - returned that ring with complaints!), I thought that it was probably lost while clapping. I looked every opportunity under the seats surrounding us. Near the end of the game, I found it! What good luck! Now to have a new ring made, I will get one that is low profile, no more prongs to wear down - the ring was reset five years ago and failed this soon!
Jaguar stadium - do you see the swimming pools on the North deck?
Another loss; Jaguars manage to lose even though it looks like they have a chance; I think the three interceptions from our QB sealed the loss in the 4th quarter!
Walking back, we passed some entertainment and the Jaguar statue. It was fun and a beautiful day! Very breezy and cool earlier, great Florida football weather!

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