Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Part 1 - Storybook Character at School

AA's school always has a storybook character parade, so each child from 1st grade - 6th grade, dresses up and carries the corresponding book (Kindergarten all dress up like scarecrows). 
I took two photos with my cell phone while waiting for the parade to begin, then my phone died. I found the class group photos on the OPE Facebook page so you can see AA in the center/middle row. She selected being a gray cat named Dovewing from the book Warriors - Omen of the Stars, the Fourth Apprentice (Erin Hunter). She wore a gray top, gray leggings, gray ears (on a headband) and a gray tail.

Waiting for the parade to march by their classroom.
All the classes gathered in the courtyard, led by a drum corp (or small drum band). She is far left, cut off at the edge of the photo:
 She is center, a bit to the right in the middle:
Tomorrow is Halloween!

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