Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Part 1 - Storybook Character at School

AA's school always has a storybook character parade, so each child from 1st grade - 6th grade, dresses up and carries the corresponding book (Kindergarten all dress up like scarecrows). 
I took two photos with my cell phone while waiting for the parade to begin, then my phone died. I found the class group photos on the OPE Facebook page so you can see AA in the center/middle row. She selected being a gray cat named Dovewing from the book Warriors - Omen of the Stars, the Fourth Apprentice (Erin Hunter). She wore a gray top, gray leggings, gray ears (on a headband) and a gray tail.

Waiting for the parade to march by their classroom.
All the classes gathered in the courtyard, led by a drum corp (or small drum band). She is far left, cut off at the edge of the photo:
 She is center, a bit to the right in the middle:
Tomorrow is Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cousin Sid Morgan

Ford decided to make a quick trip home to Missouri for his cousin's funeral. 

Sid Morgan 

Friday, October 30, 2015

VILLA RIDGE, Mo. -- Lloyd Sidney "Sid" Morgan III, 60, of Villa Ridge passed away Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2015, at a St. Louis-area hospital with his family by his side.
He was born Feb. 22, 1955, at Cape Girardeau, the son of Lloyd S. "Jack" and Janice Hope Ingram Morgan.
He attended Advance (Missouri) High School and later completed his high-school requirements. As a teen, he was involved in Boy Scouts, attaining the rank of Star Scout.
He learned the roofing trade from his uncles in the Detroit area in the mid-1970s and ultimately worked in several trades. He was happiest when he had a job to do, whether that was laying tile or waterproofing a basement.
Sid also enjoyed gardening and loved to cook.
Survivors include his mother, Jan Morgan of Kirkwood, Missouri; a son, Jack Morgan of Kirkwood; a daughter, Julie (Jason Abounader) Morgan of Kirkwood; a brother, Rhett (Sherry) Morgan of Owasso, Oklahoma; a sister, Babette (Rick Fuesting) Morgan of Kirkwood; two grandchildren, Jadelynn Savens and Edward Abounader; and his girlfriend, Shelly Emht of Villa Ridge.
He was preceded in death by two sons, Joe and Josh Morgan, and his father.
Visitation will be from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Sunday at Morgan Funeral Chapel in Advance.
A funeral service will be held at 12:30 p.m. Sunday at the chapel. Burial will be at Morgan Memorial Park in Advance.

Monday, October 26, 2015

NFJG - Amelia Island Oak Marsh

Sunday, 10/25/15 at Oak Marsh: We have played this course before, but with the U.S. Kids Golf Tour, which is lots shorter yardage (1600 compared to 2300 yards). Played with five girls in the Foundation Girls category. AA did fairly well, there is always a few shots that were missed and two putts that were off that she would normally make, but overall a good game. Unfortunately, at the end of the last hole, we did not count the strokes correctly which put three girls in a three-way tie, when it should have been a two-way tie. When none of us are experts at the rules and penalties, we tend to go with the lower number if there is a difference and in this case, a penalty stroke was not added on one of the girls (she lost her ball from the tee box, should have been two stokes, not the one added). But, that happens sometimes. And you don't know the outcome that one stroke makes; this was very competitive with AA playing a 6th and 5th grader who are excellent golfers (one is on the private school golf team going to the States the next day).

 Warming up!

 The last hole (#9):

From Jack Aschenbach: Foundation Girls:
Tie, Tie, Tie - The Foundation Girls would be nothing but ties as the first three spots tied with a score of 51. Kaitlyn Schroeder, Kylie Turner and Alyzabeth Morgan would go back and forth on the day making the match an exciting event to watch. Coming down to the final hole of play found Schroeder and Morgan tied for the lead with Turner one back. Can it get any more exciting? The scary long par five wouldn't make any of the challengers wobble off line keeping it a nail biter until the end. Both Schroeder and Morgan would tie with seven on the hole and Turner would needed to do one better to force a play-off would do just that, as she carded an under pressure bogey six making it a three way tie for the championship. With the course unavailable for sudden death play, a scorecard play-off was conducted with Kaitlyn Schroeder declared the Champion while Kyle Turner finished in the Runner-up spot with Alyzabeth Morgan taking the bronze. Great job girls, you are all champions in my mind!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

OPE Fall Festival & Saturday Amazing Grace Crop Maze

FRIDAY 10/23/15: Each year, the OPE Fall Festival is a huge money - fund raiser. Each class creates a large basket with a theme as part of a silent auction, a cake walk, vendor tables, also, each ride or fun activity costs 2 - 4 tickets (purchased in advance 5 for $1.00). Plus there is soda, water, pizza and hot-dogs for sale.
AA and her friend Faith began with the doughnut eating contest, which turns out is a sugary glazed mess!

The dual "bouncy" slide was a hit (as long as you had socks on and didn't come down too fast!).!
OPE Festival feedback - Just a note about these large dual "bouncy" slides: Many children came down the slide very fast, it is tall/high, and ended up in tears as they got "rug burns". Long pants and long sleeves and SOCKS are a must. Their feet bend under them, their arms and legs get against the side wall, and it hurts. No one abused it or did anything wrong, I observed this first hand as a booth volunteer taking tickets.
SATURDAY (10/24/15): The next day, on Saturday, after AA went to golf practice, we went to the Amazing Grace Crop Maze GCS/Lake Asbury) for a short time. We had asked to meet up with the Johnson family but after getting to the maze, told them it was really for smaller children, not much to do for the bigger kids (the maze was okay, a pumpkin patch, a few toddler rides and food to buy). We will try the larger farm, Cooper and Sikes in Elkton next week!
Going into the maze:
A handout with "healthy" questions guided you through the maze:
Station 10 was the end!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Melissa's Last Evening - Dinner at Leaa and Jesse's Home

On Melissa's last night, we spend an early evening at Leaa and Jesse's home with Justin.
The girls played outside along with a few children who were there for their music lessons.

The new music studio:
I tried making a craft for Leaa - a spooky spider wreath; I was going to have the girls make it during our visit, but since 100% of the assembly was using a hot glue gun, I made it myself (and burnt myself!) - it didn't turn out quite like the perfect Pinterest photos!!
Dylan posed for me:
Melissa with JK and Leaa (Jesse was giving lessons):
Ford made his pizza casserole so dinner was easy! Last night for Melissa as she heads back to a much cooler Maine in the morning!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Melissa's Visit - Continued - Dinner at the Club 10/20/15

Tuesday, 10/20/15 we finally went to the Club for dinner. Ford stayed home and had the fire pit ready for toasting marsh mellows when we walked home. Great food, loved our salmon dinner! 
A few serious photos and some goofy!

Melissa's Visit - Miscellaneous Photos

These are a bit out of order, just catching up with my blogging; Melissa left on Thursday, 10/22/15.
We grew okra from seeds and have harvested two pods of okra per plant. It was an easy plant to grow.

We bought new tomato plants from Maggie's; Ford transplanting them:
On Monday, the 19th, we went to the miniture golf venue near the St. Augustine Outlet Stores (Hwy. 16). We played two games and it was pretty good fun (with a coupon for 2 for 1 games at $7.50, we didn't feel too ripped off!). Then we had to be home in time for my WPOA Board meeting. Miniature golfing:
On a walk around the Club, showed Melissa the fish and turtle pond outside the restaurant:
After our dinner at the Club (Tuesday), Ford had the fire pit going so we could toast marshmallows:
We went to lunch on Monday with Melissa; to our favorite BBQ place - Mojo's:
Melissa taking a photo:
She spent alot of her time poolside:

Monday, October 19, 2015

Jaguar Football Game! 10/18/15

While my little girl was playing round 2 of the NFJG King and Bear Tournament (and won), we were at the home Jaguar game against the Texans. I thought it would be good fun to take Melissa and Carolyn to the game; I had not been to one in about 9 years! We tailgated a little, with snacks, veggies and beverages. I had forgotten which gate was which, so we ended up walking more steps than needed going to the game and leaving the game. Lots of people watching! Melissa with her NE Patriot shirt on:

Taking selfies, the beginning of the game. No flyover of screaming jets - but a nice formation of HUGE helicopters.
And after standing for the team to take the field, the National Anthem and lots of clapping, I noticed my center diamond ring was lost! So the entire game we were deciding if it could have been lost in the parking lot all the way to our seats. Since this happened to me before (yep, a ring that was brand new, made by Cross Jewelers, lost a tourmaline from it during a football game - returned that ring with complaints!), I thought that it was probably lost while clapping. I looked every opportunity under the seats surrounding us. Near the end of the game, I found it! What good luck! Now to have a new ring made, I will get one that is low profile, no more prongs to wear down - the ring was reset five years ago and failed this soon!
Jaguar stadium - do you see the swimming pools on the North deck?
Another loss; Jaguars manage to lose even though it looks like they have a chance; I think the three interceptions from our QB sealed the loss in the 4th quarter!
Walking back, we passed some entertainment and the Jaguar statue. It was fun and a beautiful day! Very breezy and cool earlier, great Florida football weather!