Saturday, September 26, 2015

Weekend - Golfing, River House, Fun!

Our weekend started very busy! AA made her newest (from her birthday) LEGO set - Mindcraft. It's every kids favorite video game.

I made home-made vanilla extract; I made it two years ago for Christmas gifts and decided to do this every other year.
Golfing at the World Golf Village:

Great view from the practice range:
I am always amazed when I do not kill a plant - the gifted aloe plant from Leaa and Jesse is thriving!
The River House had a dinner to celebrate Octoberfest; we raced back from golfing to get inline and enjoy the good food! Then we headed home to start the fire pit and enjoy the company of a few friends for "Mid-Autumn Moon Holiday".
Sausages, cabbage, sauerkraut, dumpling and dessert:
Enjoying our weekend!

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