Thursday, September 17, 2015

Forever Family Day #7 and More!

Alyzabeth told us about her day at school, how they learned about Star Wars and the theme song. She came home and worked it out on her keyboard (from her Nana Joy) and amazing, she could replicate the theme! We were impressed!
AA selected her favorite restaurant to celebrate Forever Family Day (more commonly know as "Gotcha Day"); P. F. Chang. She had the Asian Salmon rice, edamame, lettuce wraps. All yummy! A few food mis-steps by the restaurant, it is not our favorite anymore, but has been a tradition for every anniversary of gotcha day. The service was fine and the wine; so I was happy! We gave AA a set of chop sticks we purchased in China seven (7) years ago. We have gifts to give her and hope to return to China where we will buy more for "culture" collection. We goofed while over there and didn't purchase everything we should have from more pearls to china tea sets; just wasn't thinking while in the middle of the adoption excitement.
It was a rainy day so no golfing; the cool weather front that has moved in has caused a nice cooling but clouds, mist, fog and rain every day. The golf courses are actually closed! It's wet here!

She picked the dessert - chocolate decadent cake and raspberry sauce:
Traditional photo outside the restaurant with her standing by the horse:
It was raining so she was looking around trying to stay dry!
Back home, her new U.S. Kids Golf set was delivered (the 51 inch ultra-lights); unfortunately, the only color bag that came with the ten club set was blue and orange. I think we will go bag shopping soon!
Of course, Lucky had the star treatment; being placed on the new driver - his job to guard!
Once the rain stops - out to play golf (four days and counting that there has been no golfing!)!

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