Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Family Gathering - Justin's Birthday

Oldest daughter, Leaa, hosted a Labor Day birthday party for her brother, Justin. A taco/Mexican food fest, lots to drink and the kids all running around playing. All went well, but with the littles all zipping around (and the older ones trying to stay away from the parents), I did not get anyone organized for a group picture. Just wasn't the day for that! 
Meat, beans, rice and lots of salsas and toppings......

Lighting birthday candles just has to be one of the hardest things to do! Serious faces while Kilee holds the cake (Angie, Kilee, Livi, AA, Leaa):
Singing Happy Birthday to our son!
Blowing out the candles:
Kilee loved bringing the cake to her Daddy:
Fun in the backyard pool (Mila):
Father and Son chatting:
I made Nana Joy's Strawberry Cake recipe and have blended it with Paula Deen's Strawberry Cake recipe (I used 1/8 cup puree to 4 cups confectionery sugar to frost a 13x9 pan) so now I need to write it down as everyone said it was good!
Mila wanted to play the banjo, she was taking instructions from her Uncle Jesse while he strummed along on his guitar:
Her Daddy was trying to take a few photos so she was torn between looking at her Uncle or her Daddy:
Great time seeing all the family - Cathy/Werner; Marsha/Carl; Charles/Angie/Ian; Jordan/Nicole/Avery; Christa/Stewart; Justin/Kilee and friends Amanda/Andy...etc... Next is Alyzabeth, Leaa, Avery... more birthday's in September (plus family away Luke, Cara and Michael Aaron)!

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