Monday, September 07, 2015

Early September 2015 Miscellaneous - Happy Labor Day Weekend!

We have been cooking homemade dinners as much as possible; a tried and true recipe called Grits Fiesta Pie. The "crust" is made from quick grits, cooked hamburger with a packet of taco seasoning, then veggies, cheese and egg/milk mixture poured over. Yummy! Before baking:

Many trips to our neighborhood pool:
New T-shirt tops for AA - "Girls Crush"!
AA wants her classmates to have cookies rather than cupcakes for her birthday - so we tried a new recipe - Double Chocolate Mint M&M cookies - So GOOD!! A keeper recipe!
We went to a volunteer meeting at AA's school and when walking back to the car, saw her class outside. They were hitting a ball with a soft/cushioned golf club! Ha! She whomped it so much further (farther?) than the other kids; we had to spy!!
Our Club had a water slide set up on Labor Day weekend; really fun. I didn't realize how fast it was. I did ask if adults were allowed so we had a blast; basic fun!
I hit bottom each time in the little pool at the end (I think adults are a bit heavy)!
Yes, we talked Daddy into going down too:
Labor Day wrapped up with a birthday party for son Justin at Leaa and Jesse's home!

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