Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Crush That Ball! World Golf Village 09/13/2015 and 09/26/15

We made arrangements to have AA evaluated at the PGA Academy at the WGV; we have been thinking about doing this for awhile. Two golfing families have recommended this Academy, but with all the Summer tournaments, we decided to wait until now. AA had an amazing time with Anne Cain. Anne has all the professional toys for teaching and is a world-known coach and Golf go-to expert on several TV programs - and right here in our "backyard"!

Anne explained to us what AA does well and where she would work with her, so we were pleased and felt happy with our decision. The WGV is close to home (we can get there with no traffic issues in 25 minutes). Alyzabeth will continue with her local "short game" coach, Kathy Grant Nyman, as we are very attached to her, so for additional training, we believe this is a good move for AA. 
09/26/15 - First lesson:
"Flop Shot" Practice:
We ran into the Fleming's (Gavin's lesson); now we know at least three families (Mawhinney, Messana) who now have enrolled their child in this Academy. Good move for AA too!

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