Sunday, September 20, 2015

Birthday Cake & Gifts (and Aunt Carolyn)

AA's birthday presents waiting for her in the morning:

After opening them (mostly equestrian gear, LEGO Minecraft set, a electronic discovery game, new hoodie and jean jackets):
She selected Asian chicken kabobs with lots of vegetables:
Aunt Carolyn visiting after the present opening (she gave AA a gift card to an arcade they discovered near CR's home):
Lighting the birthday candles: one small goof, I stuck in one candle upside down which once discovered and "righted", was hard to light!
Too funny!
The ice cream cake was surprisingly delicious!
Carolyn and AA taking Fayah for a walk (and picking up poop!):
AA has very BLUE teeth from her Sweet Pete's blueberry lollipop!
We then went for a 30 minute swim, lovely weather after four days of raining misery!! The pool water temperature, still a nice 86 degrees!
Happy Birthday our sweet little darling! You are NINE!

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