Sunday, September 20, 2015

Birthday #9 - Sweet Pete's Candy Party! (09/19/15)

We arrived at Sweet Pete's in time to check out the candy store and find her party room - here's the sign!

Talk about decorations! Willy Wonka to the Max!
Cute photos of family - Kilee was in a hugging mood, along with Livi and Mila!
We purchased the two hour party, food for the kids and an extra - the box for each kid to fill and take home:
Waiting to make the lollipops - Noah, Samuel, Joey, Ryder, Hadi:
Cooking candy:
Adding the flavors - blueberry!
Candy Maker Dean, putting the darker blue candy on top of the blue - then twisting to make the two-tone candy:
Making your lollipop - any shape you wish!
Birthday gifts!
Everyone had the opportunity to make lots of lollipops - AA came home with six (one made by the candy maker):
The tour included watching the candy making area with a chat by our party hostess:
The cupcake and singing happy birthday song:
A great place to have any type of party - for adults too! That wraps up her sweet candy party!

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