Monday, September 28, 2015

AA and Crafts

Auntie Jean gave AA a macrame craft kit; using cording to make bracelets, headbands, lanyards, necklaces, etc. AA is not very big into making jewelry, but after writing her birthday thank you notes, we looked over all her gifts (from her Maine summer party too) and she decided to try making a bracelet. It wasn't too hard, but for a first time "macramer" one needs an extra set of hands or the right tools to secure the beginning of the knotting item. We made do, and now will make more!

The instructions said to tape down the beginning loop; it needs to be a lot stronger than tape; a board with a large nail would be best.
 I held the beginning and the "anchor" cords.
 The finished bracelet!

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Catherine said...

Very cute! I remember learning to macrame when I was about AA's age. She's much wiser that I was starting with a beautiful bracelet. I started with a plant hanger that while beautiful took months to complete! Great job AA!