Monday, August 10, 2015

We Are In Maine! August 2 and 3rd!

Arrived safely Monday early evening in time to have our real "Italian" sandwiches. Visited with Melissa and Mom, AA had a Sea-Doo ride with her Aunti-M.
I picked blueberries and we all enjoyed the cooler temperatures!
Tuesday, Melissa picked up her grand-daughter Chloe for us to meet for the first time, born February 14th! We visited with her most of the day and also with her mom, Britney after work.
We also picked up Ford's motorcycle that we purchased from a High School friend, Bobby Hobbs. Ford is happy!

1987 HD Motorcycle:
Lots of sea-dooing on LSL lake!
Great-Grand-Nana with Chloe:

Great start to our family visit!

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