Sunday, August 30, 2015

U.S. Kids Golf Jacksonville Summer Tour Championship 08/30/2015

Alyzabeth held on today with a solid round (rainy and SLOW greens!) to finish second in the local tournament; and she finished first place/tour champion for the U.S. Kids Golf Summer 2015 Jacksonville Championship! Our amazing golfer - she plays like a girl - try to keep up with her!

The rain came and went; then came again. Overall, nice golfing weather, not HOT sun and heat; overcast but warm. We were in a threesome with Alexa F. and Olivia M. with her Caddie Kathy Nyman of Rain Girl Golf Inc fame.
Olivia chipped in for an eagle; very exciting!
AA had one bad hole that she was in birdie position then four-putted! So frustrating when that happens; the greens were very wet and the ball never seemed to travel the right distance no matter what she did (she had two stop right on the lip of the cup). Most all her drives and fairways swings were great today! The local tournament was won by Bryn with a 38; AA in second with a 40. And, yes, her size is a bit different than the rest....
All the 8 - 9 year old girls today (one was a no show/withdrawal):
The summer winners - AA the Tour Champion! She played in 6 of the 8 tournaments which was enough to keep her lead.
All top five for the summer tour: AA, Bryn, Coco, Alexa and Olivia
AA with Tiffany C. - she takes lessons from Coach Jason too:
Local Fleming Island golfer Tyler M.
The new hardware to add to her collection!
 All the summer series are over; now to decide what tournaments we will play this Fall.....

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