Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The First Day of School - Third Grade! Monday, August 17th

Monday, the first day of school was a happy day for AA; she was back with her friends! We traveled so much this summer, we barely saw our local family and friends. We need to get better about her social life!
From Facebook: First Day of School for AA - OPE! Eagletastic days are now Mondays - so the school t-shirt is the fashion of the day!

Classroom 39A - it is adjoining to 39B, with several of her friends next door. Third graders can eat lunch with anyone from the other three 3rd grade classrooms, so she enjoys that very much!
 We are back into our routine!

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Jboo said...

Hope she has a great 3rd grade year! She has the biggest, sweetest smile! :)