Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sub-Regional Drive Chip Putt Contest - World Golf Village

AA participated in the local drive chip and putt (DCP) contest about a month ago and moved to the sub-regional. Last year she made it to the sub-regional also, but didn't qualify for the regional (she placed third; the top two move to the Regional). This year, AA placed second, so she does qualify for the regional. Good news is that it is near us, at the Sawgrass Golf Club (TPC). We were surprised considering her score, so now very excited to go to the next level. All the sub-regional top two winners from SE USA will be competing at the Sawgrass DCP Regional. 

Her tee time was first - 8:00 a.m.; so an early start for practice.
You can see how far away I stand so that I am not part of the distractions:
Chipping (she did a little better than last time; still left two of the three long and off target):
Putting is her strength:

She earned a 2nd place tie for over all drives; 1st place overall for her putting and total points for second (2nd) place. Top two go to the regionals! Yahoo!
 Putting medalists:
Overall top three:
The new regional contestants:
Great job AA!
Now to get some breakfast/brunch at our Orange Park Metro Diner!!

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