Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Referral Anniversary - Year Seven!

7-Year Referral-Anniversary! We are so amazed each year that we have this lovey daughter! It was such a special day, driving to CCAI Orlando (getting a flat tire on the way), seeing Nan Min Hua's picture, celebrating with tears of joy; the long wait was OVER! Then the family party hosted by DD Leaa Morgan Cruce and Hubby, family celebrating with us; Leaa and Jesse's special song sung to us - I Will by Paul McCartney. So many memories in one day! Then 30 days later (09/11/2008) we were in China!
AA is now almost 9 years old (we celebrated her second birthday while in China so only missed one birthday).

Here's a past post on the referral-anniversary.
Facebook Comments:
Wendy Chang Norris I remember your referral as if it were yesterday! Her little picture took my breath away.
Kelly Parkes Wilson I remember her referral picture so well! I loved that little bob but those eyes needed a mommy quick! Happy referral day!! 
Kathy Fitzgerald Eason Happy referral anniv day.
Kim Hat One of the prettiest referral pics ever. And see how she has grown
Mark Gray Precious in soo many ways!! How old was she when you first saw her pict, then when your adoption was final? K~
Tim Drury She's too cute !
Kiy Shelton Happy Referral Day!
Rose Sutton Sweatland She looked so lost and alone.....then she found her forever family!
David Cürewitz Congratulations on this special anniversary!
Janet Marcil Boucher Such a beauty then and now!!
Amy Lehman Roenfanz So sweet! Amazing days, indeed!
Donna West Clark I'll always remember her referral much emotion behind those eyes. Congrats!
Susan Reitano Rizzo Beautiful then and beautiful now.
Pam M Thurston 7 Years so happy for all of you --
Liz Nguyen-Chao Beautiful girl!
Terri Cobb Stone So very glad you found her, she's blossomed into a talented and beautiful young lady. Happy to have her as my niece!
Laureen Delaney-Burke I totally remember that day and that picture. Happy referral day, you three. {hearts}
Daleea Barrett So beautiful!
Ann Caton Cobb Love my little granddaughter since first glimpse of her arriving in USA clinging tightly to her Mother to the beautiful and smart young girl she Is now. Now if she would just take pity and stop beating me at checkers and Monopoly!
Rina Speciale So beautiful
Brian-Melinda Decker Sweet, sweet AA!! Loved her cheerios! Wonderful memories of a beautiful journey. Happy referral day anniversary! {heart}
Chris Emmons Oh Happy Day...
Tracy Burnside Neptune Her referral photo has always held a special place in my heart, something in those eyes that speak right to the soul. She's just so beautiful.
Donna Crawford Gallion She is a very lucky little girl. To have 2 people open their hearts and give her a wonderful home. Congratulations on y'all special day.
Nikki Vavreck Tuttle AA is a beautiful blessing that has completed your family and we are all so happy to have her in our life!! Beyond precious and special ...
Kris Jackson I will never forget her face!! Such a unique beauty, your girl.
Kim Dixon Wow --- I sooo remember that picture like it was yesterday
Ford Alyson Cobb Morgan Mark Gray - K - We saw her photo on 08/12/2008 (photo taken when she was 20 months old) and then in person on 09/16/08 - she was 24 months old, the adoption was finalized at the US Embassy/Consulate in China on 09/26/08. I hope this is what you were asking. We were approved for adoption by agency CCAI July 2005. Long wait...... 
Mark Gray Oh, yes, that was an awful long wait, but ohh, how wonderful to know you were able to adopt her so quickly. What a precious gift from God! K~
Maria Castellucci Happy Anniversary!! AA is an amazing little girl and together your family is very special. I love that I get to call you all my friends and that I get to caddie for such an incredible talent. Love you all.
Vivian Kotler Masson Happy referral anniversary!
Mia Abner Morge {hearts}
Leaa Morgan Cruce {hearts}
Marilyn Garner Happy referral anniversary, you all are so lucky to have each other!!
Joan Park-Ryan I still get goose bumps when I see these pictures...I just love your family Allison and Ford…. such awesome parents!!
Pam Davis Wow!!! 7 years! I remember getting that call from you guys and seeing that beautiful little face for the first time, just like it was yesterday. Such a blessing!!! Yall are a wonderful family... Alyzabeth is an amazing little girl and you both are incredible parents. Love you all !
Debbie Emmons Such a beautiful young lady .You are all so fortunate
Dana Reynolds I remember seeing this beautiful picture on your blog! One month later on Labor Day I got my referral!
Janice Gray Martin I remember celebrating, you and Ford are wonderful parents. God is good!
Kathy Crisman I remember the day. I thought she was just adorable. That beautiful face and those eyes.
Sandy Lashin-Curewitz Congratulations! Where are the tissues?
Donna Rygiel Congrats on your special day! She's an amazing young girl! 

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