Monday, August 10, 2015

More Maine Vacation Photos - Thursday August 6th

AA had her first round of golf in Maine, at Spring Meadows. Mom and I rode along to watch. It is a beautiful course with many hills and slopes to challenge a golfer (we started off the day a little slow, making sure MC was okay after her bout in the hospital over kidney stones and more...).

Lunch at the New Gloucester Village Store again - they have great pizza too!
Dinner was at a great restaurant that Hilary selected, The Treehouse - Deering area above Pat's Meat Market.
While we were out with Hilary, AA got some ice cream!
We have lots of things to plan for our next trip to Maine as we didn't get out as much as in the past, so next time AA wants to do the Discovery Archery Class at L.L. Bean (me too again!), we didn't even go near Freeport, so no shopping; we didn't have time to make a fire pit with s'mores; didn't kayak or get AA to a horse lesson! Also I fell and "broke" a toe, so didn't waterski, maybe next year!
Another beautiful day!

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Always wear your tiara said...

Why is the food so much better in Maine, oh wait, everything is better in Maine!
I sent strict instructions, go to LLBean and get a new fleece for Rosie. I expected the same one as she had just in a bigger size I wasn't prepared for the flame orange coloured one.