Tuesday, August 11, 2015

More Maine - Sunday Family at LSL - August 9th

Sunday was a fun day! Beautiful weather, a bit cooler, which did not stop the kids from swimming in the lake (LSL). Mom brought out the yard dominoes, so much fun. The game moves along very quickly too.

Sunflowers from AA and Melissa:

Lots of family group photos today! Andrew and Britney had to leave early so didn't get the ONE photo of all the family visiting.
Generations: Grandma Barbara, Nana (Great-Grandmother), Melissa, Andrew and Chloe:
The group, Auntie Jean, the Tounge's and Campbell's:
Great nephew Anthony playing in the sand - he didn't want to swim today:
AA, Brandon and Kimberlee:
The dock photo:
Most of the group:
The three sisters (I am downhill, then uphill in the next photo):
With cousin Hilary:
Best friend Debbie Emmons - and yes, she beat me at cribbage. I will need to practice before my next visit to Maine!
More photos from Melissa's camera:
And that's a wrap - next stop Florida!

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