Monday, August 10, 2015

More Maine - Friday August 7th

Friday was a busy day as Ford and AA first went out golfing, then we all went to the ATT Store to add our iPads to our data plan along with an iPhone for Mom. It took a couple of hours but all was accomplished! Then some lunch - having our first lobster roll from Amato's. We finished with grocery shopping for the weekend!

Then off to the Sandbar at Lyon's Point! AA and Aunti M had fun!
Have to remember that the outboard motor on the aluminum boat needs a short shaft if we leave it much longer at LSL. The long shaft doesn't allow us to go very fast due to the churning up of the wake.
We made roasted BBQ pork, cole slaw and deviled eggs getting ready for the family visits! Melissa planned a birthday celebration for Andrew and Britney, so lots of ice cream and birthday cake!
Another beautiful day!

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