Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Local Jacksonville US Kids Golf - Hidden Hills - Clay Today

We are back in the swing of our summer - at home - routine. Still feel like we are catching up since school started on August 17th! The first local tournament AA played in since returning from Maine was at Hidden Hills (08/16/15) and we had a surprise experience! The Clay Today Sports Writer Editor, Randy Lefko, let us know that he would be at the golf course to interview AA (and the other local Fleming Island boys) for a sports article. His line of questions stayed mainly about her beginnings with us as a family and how she got into golfing. It was her first interview. She also placed second in the tournament behind a visiting gild from China (who is vacationing in Orlando). 
Being interviewed:

He took many wonderful photos of AA in the rain, with her Rain Girl Golf Inc rain jacket and skirt on (made by Kathy Grant Nyman #RainGirlGolf):
The rain stopped and it was a beautiful day, not too hot!
Played the back nine holes - Last Hole - #18:
We would love to see this young girl's birth certificate; hard to believe she is only nine!
Scoring table:
All smiles for first and second place:
Director David Swinyar giving out the awards for Girls 8-9:
The top five!
Goofy photo:
Two more tournaments to end the Summer 2015 Jacksonville Local Tour.

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